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Meet Frank, the artist behind the camera. 

Currently living and working in the beautiful suburbs of Charlotte, North Carolina, Frank's love for all things creative began long ago. Born and raised in New York, Frank has always had a sense of culture and a penchant for the creative. He has been an educator in since 1989.

In May of 2002, he ventured 'down under' for a three year journey of a lifetime. While living in Australia Frank began his training in photography and brings with him a unique blend of artistry and a fine eye for details. Versatility is a strength Frank offers his clients as he masterfully 'seizes the moment' of any portrait situation. Whether in the shadows of a wedding ceremony or acting silly in front of a toddler, Frank has a special way of capturing the essence of the event or subject. Frank is also committed to continuing education, not only to improve his skills and stay technically current, but to offer the latest in portrait design and album artistry expected by today's clients.

Throughout the years Frank has also ventured some into commercial photography, working closely with musicians and singer/songwriters. His ability to take a vision and make it a reality has enabled him to create several successful CD designs and promotional materials.

Presently, Frank operates a new home studio in the growing city of Mooresville, North Carolina- just outside of Charlotte. Whether you are seeking in-studio or on-location portraits, Frank's undeniable talents and ability to connect with people, whether young or old, are reflected in each creation. It is our hope that you will become part of our studio family and experience the excitement of owning a simplysaraco creation. Frank is a current member of PPA (Professional Photographers of America).